"I’ve been struggling for some time (years) with my mare and hauling. She Will load every single time but she has to have a buddy and has to be in the back with earplugs. Even then she’s pawing and kicking and shaking and flooding the trailer floor with sweat. I went ahead and upped her dose of CBD to two scoops for a week and a half and hauled her again.. I honestly wasn’t expecting much.. but to my disbelief after an hour trailer ride I opened the door and she was dry and calm and comfortable and not trying to get out of the trailer as fast as possible. I’ve used other popular brands of CBD, but it hasn’t worked quite like this. I have since backed her down to one scoop of CBD and we’re still doing good. Thank you for a great product!"      - Abbie Lehman- MO


"The CBD pellets have been invaluable on one of my personal horses.  A 10 yo OTTB gelding who suffers miserably in the summer months from a bug bite hypersensitivity that no amount of fly spray or salve application could touch.  He always finished the summer with most of his mane & tail rubbed off - fly sheet or not.  The CBD pellets changed that scenario.  He kept his mane, his tail and all of the hair on his chest and belly.  In fact, he barely bleached out from the sun this year.  I had initially started the pellets for some minor arthritic issues but this allergy relief response was so significant I felt that I had to share it."

- Heather Craven -SC


"We’ve been using CBD pellets on one of our horses that suffers from anxiety at shows and the difference it has made in him is unbelievable. He is now more relaxed and can go into the pen focused on what he is there to do and do it to his full potential. He’s been constantly running faster than he did before and as a bonus more of a joy to be around."

Bailey Gilder- MO


"I started using CBD on one of my mares that has a gate issue and hock issues, after putting her on CBD i have noticed a huge change in her. She seems more comfortable and sound, she walks in the gate with her head down. I also started my other 3 mares on it, and it has definitely been a huge game changer for them as well. I for sure won’t go without it! Who would of thought something like this would be such a huge help. Love CBD!"

-Abby Henson- AR


"I started using EVS CBD pellets several months ago. I have had tremendous results on horses with a little anxiety when they are hauled to new places. It takes the edge off and allows them to focus on their job!" - Kaley Wilkerson- MO


"The CBD Pellets are amazing!!! I have a gelding that has in the past been known to get pretty hot. Nothing works on him. No type of sedative or calming medicine has a positive effect on this gelding they actually do the complete opposite. Started him on CBD and within just a couple days I could see a difference! He is running faster, harder and with more focus!!! For the following 5 weekends after I started him on the pellets he has ran either 1st or 2nd in the 1d would have set 2 new arena records if we would not have tipped a barrel. I AM A BELIEVER in the product!!!!!!"

Christian Shipley- MO


"After years of dealing with issues such as setting back, occasionally flipping over, medicating for farrier, etc. We have finally found something that takes the edge off but still allows him to perform his best. He is a nervous horse, but was always great at his job, that's the Only reason he has been able to stay with us for as long as he has. We actually think he is working even better now because he not wasting energy before hand and stressing himself out. Love love love the CBD Pellets!" - Kelly Kelley- IL



This stuff works! – Betsy- TN

"We purchased CBD Dog Chews for our 11 year-old Yorkie...by day 3 he was feeling AMAZING!

Over the past few years his energy levels have declined significantly and his temperament has become far less tolerant. We were treating occasionally with Rx anti inflammatory/pain pills and just respecting him as an elderly gentleman. Day 3 of him taking his “treats” my husband and I were joking about our new puppy; he is playful, energetic and actively seeking attention from our entire family. Such a wonderful transformation; we can not recommend this product enough! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, our sweet boy feels great again!!" - Megan Nothelfer‎ -MI


"I finally found a product that has helped Bandit our Australian Shepherd who is 17 years old. He has seizures which has caused his deafness, But this guy when he has a seizure he climbs the walls with his anxiety  nothing touched him Xanax , Valium , GABA, thunder shirt, oils, you name it nothing gave Us or him relief. My friend Sarah started selling this CBD dog chew and I thought what the heck let me try it. Well today is his 3 rd day. This stuff is a godsend !! One of our biggest issues where at night like he would have sundowners syndrome ( very restless and whiney). I give him a chew in the morning and one in the evening , he now is relaxed like he should be in his old age. if your dog/dogs even horse has anxiety you need to order this product and give it a try. I’m so glad I did. Believe me I love animals, but I was ready to pull my hair out! - Wendy Babcock- MI


"Our 33 year old pony Blackjack has suffered from sand gnat/culicoide bites for years. We live in coastal South Carolina near the marshes where the sand gnats breed. They become active in March and swarm thickly upon us this time of year. Blackjack was rubbing himself raw on his face, neck, and chest. He has been on Dex in the past, but I wanted to try CBD pellets instead of a steroid with harmful side effects. After only 3 weeks, his coat has grown back in and he is itching significantly less! I am so happy knowing he is more comfortable and has relief with the EVS Pharmacy CBD Pellets. I have just reordered. Thank you EVS!" -Colleen Trepen- SC


"I had just received my CBD dog chews for my Lab Macie who gets very anxious during thunder storms when we had a freak thunder storm in January! She had only been on them for about a week and was much calmer than usual! I will definitely be keeping her on the CBD chews!!" - Rochelle OH


"Love what the CBD oil has done for my horse! He’s running so much more fluent and a lot more focused!"-  Julia- TN



"I was very happy with the results from feeding the CBD pellets to my mare with off the charts anxiety. Shes much calmer. She is also very ulcer prone and seems to be maintaining better in that area too. I plan on using the oil pre ride when I show her also. Thanks for a great product!! Rochelle- OH


"Wanted to let you know that our little rescue brought into KEY that was run over by a truck that was so smashed is a crazy man on the oil!! - Jennifer Yurko- WV